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What’s New In Golf Apparel?

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Nike Golf has come out with four lines this season: Tour Premium, Sport, Tour Performance and Tiger Woods. These four golf apparel collections from Nike offer something for everyone. The collections will be a hit on and off the golf course.

First, The Tour Premium collection from Nike Golf offers uncompromising craftsmanship with muted hues of magenta, blacks, creams and blues that offer luxury fabrications and classic styling. The price tag on this collection is for the upper-class golfer that has extra money to spend on golf clothes. Prices range from $80-$120.

Secondly, The Sport collection is for the very bold and highly athletic golfer that is young in mind, body and spirit. The “slim fit” cuts in this collection are definitely for the trim golfer who wants to show off their physic. Here we find bright hues such as bold yellows, reds, blues, whites, pinks and oranges.


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