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TaylorMade Spider Putters

TaylorMade Spider Putters have taken the Tour by storm, finding their way into the hands of many of the world’s best. Featuring Jason Day-inspired Spider Tour Red and Dustin Johnson-inspired Spider Tour Black as well as various other Spider models, there is color and style to suit your game. Each Spider putter also includes TaylorMade’s Pure Roll insert, which increases topspin to help get the ball on line quicker and stay on line longer so you can make more putts when they matter most.

Fairway Woods Tips

The 3 and 5 wood clubs are often clutch clubs to use on long approaches, par 4’s or long par 3’s.  Some players would even prefer to use a 3 wood instead of their driver off the tee box.  Swinging the woods is different than swinging irons where the bottom of the arch of your swing ends up just in front of the ball and the driver where the bottom of the arch of your swing ends up just before the ball.  When swinging the woods the bottom of the arch of your swing is just at the ball.  Where you normally would take some turf on your iron shots, you should not move much dirt with a wood shot.  It is meant to be a cleaner shot at the side of the ball.  Before taking your shot, take a practice shot or 2.  You should be slightly scraping the grass with each swing.  This should help you zero in on the sweet spot or preferred point of impact on the ball.  Beware that these shots typically do not have much loft and end up landing with a lot of forward role.

You should address the ball with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent as if you were riding a small horse.  Adjust the width of your stance to match the bottom of the arch of your swing with the length of your arms.  Keep the ball in the middle to slightly forward in your stance (towards the left foot slightly if you are right handed).

While swinging remain balanced evenly on both feet and stay planted.  Try not to move your feet as you swing as this will dis-align your shot.  Remember to strike the ball smoothly and clean and not to dig in to the dirt or hit fat as this will sacrifice your power and the little loft you get with the woods.  Remember to follow all the way through with your swing.  You can choke up on the club some if you have issues with control.  Try a bucket or 2 on the range to zero in on your sweet spot before hitting the course.  Practice makes prefect!

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Golf Tips To Improve Your Golf Game


Golf tips are always all around you just like spiders. Typically the person giving you the information is not always well versed in the game or training on how to teach the game of golf. Here are seven golf tips that will help you improve your game:

1. Arrive early for your round
It sounds simple but most of the good golf tips are very simple. Think about it. We have all been running late for a tee time at some point. We rushed to the tee without hitting range balls or even stroking a putt. Take a couple of practice swings and let it fly off the first tee. By making a conscious effort to have enough time to properly warm up and clear your mind, you will step on the first tee ready to play well.
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