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Palm Valley Golf Course –  Ranges from about $25 – $55 during peak hours.

Highland Falls –  Ranges from about $25 – $60 during peak hours.

Painted Desert –  Ranges from about $25 – $40 during peak hours.

Red Rock Arroyo –  Ranges from about $37 – $91 during peak hours.

Legacy Golf Club –  Ranges from about $29 – $69 during peak hours.

Desert Pines –  Ranges from about $48 – $69 during peak hours.

The Best Most Affordable Golf Courses You Can Play


The game of golf can be relaxing and highly enjoyable, but it can also be wildly expensive. Some of the country’s most famed courses can easily cost a member of the general public over $200, and the green fees for some coastal gems can approach $500. Since 99% of the golfing world isn’t interested in shelling out the equivalent of a car payment to play 18 holes, we set out to compile a list of incredible North American golf courses that can be played for surprisingly low rates. We learned to stay away from destination cities such as Palm Springs and Las Vegas while looking all over this vast nation for the best golfing deals available. Hopefully, one of the four courses on this list will be within driving range.

Coronado Municipal Golf Course – San Diego, California

This course belongs at the top of any list that involves golf and affordability. Located on the literal edge of western civilization, this stunning 6,590-yard par-72 is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and offers up incredible views of the surf on almost every hole. Coronado Municipal Golf Course could easily charge $120 for around, and few of the thousands of local golf enthusiasts would complain. No one knows how or why the plush facility only charges $35 for a round of golf during peak weekend hours, but let’s not ask too many questions.
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