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Improve Chipping With The PGA Tour Standards Skills Chipping Test


Improve your chipping and you will improve your putting. How? Chipping well will place the ball closer to the hole. Statistically, the closer you are to the hole, the more putts you make. Of course, the more putts you make the better your score. Golf chipping assessments identify parts of the chipping/pitching game which need improvement. Top PGA Professionals utilizes assessments in their teaching. They believe assessments motivate students to learn and allows them to take an active role in building their own skills.

Use this assessment to evaluate chipping skills and as a chipping, drill to improve skills and motivate students. This Tour Standard assessment can be performed with or without your PGA golf instructor. Use the assessed results to motivate yourself and set achievable goals. Using it as a drill will improve your ability to get the ball close to the hole from just off the green. It will help you limit the number of putts you take each round and bring down your handicap.

This evaluation is part of the PGA Tour standard skills tests. These are the same evaluations that were developed by top PGA of America Professionals for their PGA Tour student players. PGA Tour players will use these evaluations up to once a month to pinpoint weak points in their games.

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