Dubbed ‘the ball that loves to spin’ on its introduction – the MP-S is Mizuno’s softest, most responsive ball. The 2015 edition maintains that trait, whilst adding the dimension of increased long game distance.

  1. Refined Urethane Cover
    Reduced to 0.5mm thickness for increased initial velocity.
  2. 330 Dimple pattern
    Configured for more stable ball flight.
  3. 3 piece construction
    Adapted for high ball speeds and responsiveness.

The 2015 edition features a larger inner core and thinner urethane cover – adding yards to the long game of mid/high swing speeds. The cover thickness is reduced to just 0.5mm, increasing velocity from the tee, while a 330 dimple configuration creates a highly efficient flight.

MP_S MP-S-Ball_Dimples MP-S-Ball_Logo

The MP-S is a high feel golf ball that works great for mid to high swing speeds – we’ve matched this ball to players who like a little spin to help their ball flight,” said Alex Thorne, Head of Tour Operations. It’s still very responsive around the greens, for guys who like the ball to check up.”

New MP-S ball versus Old MP-S ball test results