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Swing By Swing: Free Golf GPS Rangefinder and Scorecard

The easiest, most reliable free golf app in the world. Distances to greens and hazards and a digital scorecard for nearly every course in the world.

I use this a lot and it works great with my Apple Watch.  It is much better than having to worry about loosing an actual GPS device and paying a subscription for course updates.  GPS technology provides key distances throughout courses.  No need to worry about pencil or paper scorecards.  Add friends, enjoy games, play better golf, and have fun!


Vegas Courses

Palm Valley Golf Course –  Ranges from about $25 – $55 during peak hours.

Highland Falls –  Ranges from about $25 – $60 during peak hours.

Painted Desert –  Ranges from about $25 – $40 during peak hours.

Red Rock Arroyo –  Ranges from about $37 – $91 during peak hours.

Legacy Golf Club –  Ranges from about $29 – $69 during peak hours.

Desert Pines –  Ranges from about $48 – $69 during peak hours.

Learn the Game Skills at the Mission Cherry Hills Village Colorado


Golf players must plan for Cherry Hills Village Colorado Golf Course because of its vastness. Experience the largest golfing resort in Colorado. Golf players always plans for new places to experience the world most superb game. Undoubtedly the game as a leisure is booming specially in the South American countries. America is a vast country and people of this region are developing extreme interest in this sport. A new culture of golf playing is on the rise and players always search for new places where they can enhance their knowledge and skill for this game.


Cherry Hills Village Colorado Golf Course is the right place for golf enthusiast. The green bed of grasses designed meticulously in colorado. Cherry Hills Village Colorado Golf Course possess a very large number of stunning land areas that has been shifted into golf courses. There are some of the most preferred course. The Vijay course is preferred by many of players that encompassed nearly 150-yard beach bunker. Adding to it, enlarge sand run and water area enhance its look where sportsmen enjoy the extreme. Apart from these all, course incorporates the pebble beach that comprise 18 holes design.


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Choosing The Right Golf Club


There are hundreds of types of golf clubs hitting the market every year and it is a challenge to select a new club right for your needs. If you are new to golfing, you will be shocked at the sheer number of options that you will have when picking your clubs. Choosing the right golf club is very important in order to ensure that you don’t waste your money possibly improve your swing as a result of the new clubs. This article presents the factors you should consider when selecting the right golf clubs for you.

The most important part of the golf club is the shaft which is the metal rod that connects the grip to the head. There are many variables concerning the shaft, including the length and the density. If you find the shaft you like, you will see what I mean. Getting too comfortable with one particular type of club or shaft is not advised sometimes. When you find the shaft you like, you will see what I mean. Getting too comfortable with one particular type of club or shaft is not advised sometimes. Certain times you will just need to experiment and possibly see if there is a different kind of club out there that will help you improve your game. For example experimenting with different clubs will help you find a better length or density that you prefer. Read more »

Reasons Why To Choose Golf Neoprene Iron Covers


You have spent lots of money on your new golf irons so now it is time to protect them. The best way to protect them is to firstly buy some quality Iron covers. Branded Iron covers are available adding the protection you need and they come in many colors and materials. As Callaway and Taylor Made have a large market share of the golf iron market there are some wonderful styles of iron covers available. One of the best protections is neoprene golf iron head covers. Neoprene iron covers usually have the irons manufacturers logo printed on one side and a clear plastic window to view which iron you are selecting. Callaway iron covers are very popular and so are Taylormade iron covers but do not forget the Ping iron covers. Neoprene golf covers are great because they are tear-resistant, washable and snuggly fit all golf irons. Read more »

Top 5 Golf Courses


A great golf course is one that is professionally designed, has associated buildings and amenities and has the best management. We look at top 5 golf courses as per the world rating on prestigious golf courses in different parts of the World.

National Golf Links of America, Southampton, New York

It was formed under the leadership of Charles B. Macdonald with assistance from engineer Seth Raynor in 1908. It is a private course with 18 holes and occupies 253 acres. It is said to be spectacular with unique architectural designs that it has become a tourist attraction centre. The course hosted the famous walker cup in 1922 and major men’s championship.


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